"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take
but by the number of moments that take our breath away."

Consider Our Planet

Sarasota Dove Release prides itself in doing our part to protect our animal partners. Our birds are trained up to 80 miles in any direction and will fly safely home to where they are loved and cared for daily. These magnificent birds are not Doves, but rather pure white homing pigeons that have for centuries symbolized love, faith, peace, hope and new beginnings. The pigeon let Noah know that there was land when he returned to the ark. Pigeons saved many lives during the World Wars. Pigeons are the International symbol of peace. Few symbols have a tradition as long and rich as the dove; from an ancient icon to a biblical mainstay.
There are over 300 different species of pigeons. Doves are one of them. The small ring neck doves, which can be found at pet stores, are meant to be pets in a cage, in your home. They are not to be purchased for a ceremonial event to be released. That is inhumane and they would surely perish.

Often times when loved ones pass or a new love is started people choose to release balloons and butterflies to celebrate life and love. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, grand openings or any special event. But did you know:

• Balloons don’t float forever.
• Often times they end up in our seas or our land.
• These brightly colored objects often look like food to our animal partners.
• Birds, whales, sea turtles, bighorn sheep, desert tortoises, dolphins and other wildlife are known to perish by accidental consumption of balloons.
• The strings tend to tangle and birds often get entangled. Flippers and fins of sea turles, seals and dolphins can also become wrapped in string, causing infections, amputations and/or death by drowning. In fact, strings are illegal in the state of Florida, as well as the release of 10 or more balloons. Subject to a $250 fine. See Florida Satute.
• Beauty and grace are what butterflies are hoped to portray, but often, if they are not handled correctly, some “do not make it”.
• The average life span of butterflies is just two weeks. Monarchs can live on for months, but just a few months.

Eco friendly and more affordable, Sarasota Dove Release offers a beautiful, memorable alternative.

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